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Webinar Enterprise Europe Network "The impact of Industry 4.0 on OSH" 12 november 2021

As part of the campaign promoted by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU OSHA), and coordinated in Italy by Inail, as national focal point, the webinar organized by Confindustria Toscana, as a partner of the network Enterprise Europe Network, offers the opportunity to explore the topic of musculoskeletal disorders and the impact of new technologies.

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The innovation processes and new technologies of Industry 4.0 such as AI and robotics have become fundamental for growth and employment, and also have an impact on the health and safety of workers. The robot can replace man in heavy and repetitive  operations and fit to the flexibility and variability of tasks. But on the other hand, the new risk factors that these changes can introduce in the workplace must be underestimated, so it is important to shape the new smart factory contributing to the  reduction of  accidents at work and occupational diseases.


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