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Italy: Social communication campaign by the ‘Rubes Triva Foundation’

To promote the protection of safety and health in the workplace, the Rubes Triva Foundation is promoting a national communication campaign aimed at raising the awareness of citizens on the repercussions of their actions regarding the disposal of waste, and on the health and safety of workers in the sector.

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The campaign responds to the invitation by national institutions to make an effort to prevent accidents in the workplace.

The social communication campaign commercial, produced with the patronage of the International Training Center of ILO, and broadcast on RAI – Italian Radio television networks – from 4 to 11 July 2021, praises the actions of companies and the 60,000 operators in the sector during the latest health emergency.

The commercial underlines the OSH risks which operators in the sector face every day (from chemical risks to musculoskeletal disorders).

The Campaign has had a wide resonance and was approved and broadcast by digital media, on Sky, television channels, the cinema distribution network, institutional partners and by companies in the sector that are helping to spread the message as widely as possible with an advertising campaign on company vehicles.

Link to the campaign video with English subtitles, available on the Rubes Triva Foundation website and on RAI Play