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Sustainable occupability:new organisational paradigms for companies

The UN 2030 Agenda sets crucial objectives for companies not only in terms of environmental sustainability, but also in terms of social sustainability affecting directly the well-being of employees by ensuring health and safety, eliminating gender inequalities, guaranteeing adequate upgrade of skills. In this view, it is necessary to redesign work organisation models able to combine the productivity and the competitiveness performances of the company with the well-being of employees: "Decent work and economic growth" as stated in objective 8 of the Agenda. On the European scene, some countries have certainly already adopted sustainable models of work-life balance. In Italy the situation is in progress and virtuous companies coexist with companies that need to improve their approach.

What are the new organizational models that companies are required to adopt and what are the enabling factors to ensure market success and employees well-being? The webinar addresses the topic involving industry experts and reference institutions, in order to provide companies with useful information and practical applications. The event is held in Italian language.

FAST- Federazione Associazioni Scientifiche e Tecniche