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Strategic solutions to preventing musculoskeletal disorders in the construction industry

Workers in the construction industry are exposed to a unique combination of heavy loads, awkward postures and vibrating machinery, making them very much at risk of developing or further aggravating a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD). Considering the scale of the risk, what can be done to protect construction workers from MSDs?

To answer this question, the Danish focal point is organising an event on 18 May. Speakers introduce a good practice example from construction firm Bam-bus, highlighting solutions that can be successfully implemented to reduce the risk of MSDs. They analyse proactive methods of easing the significant impact of heavy loads, and representatives from two large construction firms showcase their own strategic solutions that have been implemented successfully.

Construction is one of the largest economic sectors in Europe, and as such, occupational safety and health issues – such as MSDs – must be monitored closely. As such, this webinar is of interest to OSH experts, social partners, and both employers and employees in the industry.  


  • Elsebeth Jarmbæk, Project Manager at the Danish Working Environment Authority
  • Ingerid Jovall Rødtnes, Work Environment Coordinator at Jorton A/S
  • Jesper Nilsen, a consultant at Bam-bus
  • Jon Buch, Administrative Director at Christiansen og Essenbæk
Danish Working Environment Authority
Landskronagade 33CopenhagenDenmark