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Portugal - Good practice seminar on managing dangerous substances

Pavilhão de Feiras e Exposições de PenafielPenafielPortugal

This seminar discusses the Healthy Workplace Manage Dangerous Substances campaign and highlights good practices for successfully managing hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

In an effort to build safer and healthier working environments and eliminate harmful exposures, speakers present good practice examples in the field of recycling, water treatment, car repair, hairdressing and bakery. They also focus on occupational diseases related to exposures to dangerous substances.

Finally, speakers stress the importance of proper risk assessment to identify potential threats and manage them accordingly. They highlight the plethora of occupational safety and health (OSH) tools available, like the Online interactive Risk Assessment tools (OiRA).


  • Emília Telo, National Focal Point Manager, Autoridade para as Condiçôes do Trabalho (ACT)
  • Antonino de Sousa, Mayor of Penafiel
  • Carla Gonçalves, Engineer, Association of Metallurgical, Metalworking and Related Industries of Portugal (AIMMAP)
  • Cristina Bento, Portuguese Association of Hairdressers and Aesthetics of Braga (APCEB)
  • Isabel Vieira, Director of Penafiel Unity, ACT
  • Luísa Guimarães, General Inspector, ACT
  • Marcelino Pena Costa, Employers' representative
  • Vanda Cruz, Workers’ representative
Autoridade para as Condiçôes do Trabalho
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