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The Netherlands – Managing MSDs through early intervention

While physiotherapists and ergonomists are able to provide effective tips on preventing MSDs, the impact of their knowledge could be increased by companies involving them earlier in the process of prevention. By improving the early involvement of professionals, businesses across Europe could be more effective at preventing MSDs.

To look at this issue in more depth, the focal point in the Netherlands is organising an online event as part of EU-OSHA’s Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load campaign. Speakers discuss how the early intervention of ergonomists by company management can stimulate primary prevention. They also address how this can be achieved and where physiotherapists can play a larger role.

Since the aim of this session is to share knowledge, the event will be attended by many experts in the field and there will be opportunities to discuss the issues raised, ask questions, and share best practice tips. Any ergonomists, physical load professionals or occupational physiotherapists with an interest in improving early prevention would benefit from the session.


  • Frank Krause, Human Factors Research Scientist at TNO
  • Marjolein Douwes, Senior Scientist, Work, Health and Technology at TNO                                                                         


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