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The Netherlands - Awareness-raising event on the management of dangerous substances

Nest buildingAmstelveenNetherlands

This awareness raising event, co-organised by EU-OSHA’s Dutch National Focal Point TNO and Official Campaign Partner Cosanta, offers an insight into Stoffenmanager®, a web-based instrument supporting organisations to identify chemical hazards and assess and control the exposure in their workplaces.

Speakers present cases of chemical exposure and share their knowledge on how to successfully tackle different issues related to dangerous substances, along with good practice examples from within their organisation. They also discuss the Road to Zero campaign aiming to replace carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic substances with reproduction (CMR) substances in the workplace. They present the legal framework to register CMR substances and elaborate on ways enterprises could improve their CMR policy to create safer working environments.

Finally, attendees participate in a workshop on occupational hygiene strategies with a special focus on technical and organisational measures, such as personal protective equipment, to improve the quality of working conditions.    

TNO Prevention, Work & Health
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