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Luxembourg – What are work-related musculoskeletal disorders and how can we prevent them?

From back and neck pain to muscle injuries and bone conditions, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are varied in their form and can affect different areas of the body. For workers suffering from MSDs, the conditions can lead to prolonged periods of sick leave and early retirement, meaning that it is important that employees protect their employees by helping to prevent and manage the conditions.

To gain a deeper insight into the topic of MSDs and the ways in which professional activity can cause, exacerbate and aggravate conditions, the Luxembourgian focal point is organising a webinar on 29 October. The webinar formally launches EU-OSHA’s Healthy Workplaces ‘Lighten the Load’ campaign, which aims to raise awareness of MSDs and share practical tips on their prevention and management. Speakers discuss different approaches to preventing MSDs within various sectors and in companies of different sizes, and explain how training can play a role in managing the problem.

The webinar is broadcast in French, with simultaneous interpretation in German. After the seminar, a special page on the focal point’s website will be made available so that participants may download the programme, documentation and PowerPoint presentations.


  • Marco Boly, Director of the Labour Inspectorate
  • Alexandre Massol, HR Manager at La Provençale
  • Déborah Seutin, Ergonomist at the Service de Santé au Travail Multisectoriel (STM)
  • Ingrid Lempereur, Physiotherapist, Ergonomist and Coordinator at Prévendos
  • Nicholas Schmit, Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights
  • Nicole Majery, Director of the Service de Santé au Travail Multisectoriel (STM)
  • Tom Oswald, General Coordinator at the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social and Solidarity Economy
Inspection du Travail et des Mines (ITM)