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Improving the prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation of workers with musculoskeletal injuries

The number of workers with musculoskeletal injuries continues to increase due to unresolved problems surround prevention and rehabilitation. It is vital that workers are aware of good practices in preventing MSDs, particularly given the growth of sedentary work and for those working with physical loads or in uncomfortable postures.

On 7 October, the Bulgarian focal point is organising an awareness-raising event to bring these issues to the attention of stakeholders. Discussions focus on issues related to the diagnosis and rehabilitation of work-related musculoskeletal injuries. Participants also learn about good practices that have shown to be effective and the conditions of workers during the COVID-19 pandemic are also addressed.

Taking place at the Marinela hotel in Sofia, around 50 participants are attending representing the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria, the General Labour Inspectorate and the Bulgarian Society of Cardiology.


  • Vasil Velev, President of the Board of the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria
  • Rumyana Mihailova, Executive Director of the General Labour Inspectorate
  • Dr. Artin Magardichyan
  • Dr. Kiril Karamfilov
  • Dr. Petya Georeva
  • Dr. Stanislava Georgieva
  • Dr. Violeta Grudeva
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
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