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Croatia – Sharing good practices examples in dangerous substances management


This event discusses the Healthy Workplaces 2018-19 campaign and its results in Croatia. Speakers aim to raise awareness of the risks posed by dangerous substances in the workplace and introduce effective risk prevention strategies.

Speakers focus on the safe transportation and storage of chemicals to avoid hazardous spill incidents and prevent diseases related to harmful exposures. Furthermore, they offer guidance on inspection controls as well as on proper supervision and documentation procedures when working with dangerous substances.

Finally, speakers give an overview of the lessons learned throughout the campaign and share good practice examples of dealing with hazardous chemicals in different industries. 


  • Ivica Daničić, Senior labour inspector, State Inspectorate
  • Ivica Mekovec, ZIRS promet
  • Marija Bubaš, Croatian Institute for Public Health
  • Milica Šegović, Centar za sigurnost d.o.o.
  • Sonja Damjanović Dešić, Croatian Institute for Public Health
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