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Croatia - Seminar on different measures for managing dangerous substances at work

Petrokemija d.d.KutinaCroatia

This seminar discusses the key messages and objectives of the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign and focuses on the hazardous substances workers are exposed to on a daily basis, often without having knowledge of it.

Speakers compare the management of dangerous substances in small and large companies, sharing good practice examples from both. They emphasize the importance of having updated registers of hazardous materials, especially chemicals, to detect emerging threats in the workplace.

Speakers present communication channels which can be used to inform employees on latest news, publications and trainings on occupational safety and health. They focus on health issues caused by the exposure to carcinogenic substances used in different sectors, and give an overview of practices that help prevent work-related cancer.

Finally, they show the animated movie Napo in… dust at work to illustrate risks in an engaging way, highlighting the need to control exposure to dust at work. They share knowledge on how to increase productivity and motivation among workers, and how to make the working environment safe and healthy for everyone.


  • Ana Akrap, Senior Advisor, Institute for occupational Safety Improving (ZUZNR)
  • Snježana Štefok, Director of Service for Education, Information and International Collaboration, Institute for occupational Safety Improving (ZUZNR)
  • Ivana Popek, Medical specialist, Institute of Public Health (ZJZ)
  • Vinko Šarić, Director of department for environment protection, safety and health of employees, LUSH manufacturing
  • Zvonimir Bakarić, Director of Chemicals Management Department, Petrokemija d.d.
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