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Croatia - Conference on regulations and good practices to work safely with dangerous chemicals

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This conference discusses occupational safety while working with dangerous chemicals in the framework of the European Week for Safety and Health at Work. Objective of the conference is to raise awareness of occupational safety and health (OSH) regulations and health issues caused by using hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

Speakers will discuss the role of OSH legislation and education to prevent chemical-related accidents, as well as the role of the European Chemicals Agency Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) in protecting workers’ health. They also present measures to reduce risks for workers involved in the production of chemicals.

Speakers discuss the effects of biological agents on workers’ health and focus on hazardous substances found in large chemical enterprises. They look into their management and replacement, improving the technological processes associated with chemicals.

Finally, speakers share good practice examples from their organisations and highlight the new ordinance on the protection of workers from exposure to hazardous chemicals in Croatia.


  • Bruno Thiebaud, Communication Manager, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA)
  • Vlado Novaković, Head of Department for the plant protection products, Ministry of Agriculture  
  • Anamarija Bokulić Petrić, Head of Department for sustainable of pesticides, Ministry of Agriculture 
  • Silva Kajić, Senior state sanitary inspector, Ministry of Health
  • Ivančica Kovaček, Head of Department for Microbiological Food Analysis and General Use, Andrija Stampar Teaching Institute of Public Health
  • Rajka Turk, Head of Unit, Poison Control Centre, Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health (IMI)
  • Veda Marija Varnai, Occupational Health and Environmental Medicine, IMI
  • Zdravko Lovrić, Director, Croatian Institute for Toxicology and Anti-Doping
  • Anita Šoštarec, Expert for Occupational Health and Safety, PLIVA Pharmaceuticals
  • Mirela Blagojević, Environmental Health Safety Expert, Fidelta Pharmaceutical Research
  • Nevenka Tuković, Head of Department for Sustainable Development, Health, Safety and Environmental Protection, Labud Detergent Agents Company
  • Tomica Ljubek, Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Genera Company
  • Patrik Kotiga, HEMPEL Croatia
  • Florian Mika, HEMPEL Croatia
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