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A closer look at safe patient handling and movement

How can workplaces where patient handling and moving is commonplace lighten the load? Prominent researchers within this field will present their work, and the Swedish Work Environment Agency (SWEA) will connect the regulations to statistics on occupational injuries. They will also talk about the people behind the numbers, and the real-life impact these injuries can have.

Inspections have taken place throughout the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, and teaching examples from these will be shared. Participants will also learn more about tools that can be used to assess risk when moving people.


Moderator: Sten Haage


  • Nader Ahmadi, Director General for the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise
  • Erna Zelmin, Director General at the Work Environment Agency
  • Annika Schmidt, Project manager at the Work Environment Agency
  • Elin Vidlund, Expert in ergonomics and MTO at the Work Environment Agency 
  • Sebastian Buck, Ergonomist and doctoral student at Region Östergötlands and Linköpings university.
  • Charlotte Wåhlin, Researcher in occupational and envirnmental medicine at Region Östergötland and Linköpings University
  • Liv Nilsson, Process manager/analytic for the authority in work environment knowledge 
  • Ann Georgsson, Federal representative at municipality
  • Anders Westlund, Investigator
Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise