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Privat virksomhed
Business sector
Bygge- og anlægsvirksomhed
Mission Statement
Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin is the public binational promoter responsible for the realisation and operation of the cross-border section of the mixed Lyon-Turin freight/passenger railway line. TELT is a French company owned 50% by the French State (via the Ministry for the Economy and Finance) and 50% by the Italian State (via the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane group). It was founded on 23 February 2015, replacing LTF (Lyon Turin Ferroviaire), owned by the operators of the SNCF and RFI railway networks, which was responsible for the studies and preliminary works from October 2001 to February 2015.
TELT shares the European goal of achieving a new faster and more efficient transport network in recognition also of the global need to reduce pollution. Aware of the fact that the crossing of the Alps represents a crucial node for commercial exchanges and the mobility of people between European nations, TELT is committed to respecting the international agreements and implementing the infrastructure on schedule and in full respect not only of the highest quality standards, but also of the environment and of all legal requirements.
Our campaign pledge
TELT will introduce the themes of the campaign in all the main communication materials and will involve its supply chain. The public promoter has decided to include a rewards system in its calls for tender: only companies that propose innovative solutions for safety in the workplace can obtain the highest scores in the tenders for the construction of the Mont Cenis base tunnel.
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Mario, General Director VIRANO
General Director
Zero accident and safety first is our primary goal for the tunnel construction
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Health and Safety Manager
+39 011 5579221