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Seminar on managing dangerous substances in the workplace

Hilton Park HotelNICOSIACyprus

The Labor Inspection Department, as the competent national authority for safety and health at work in Cyprus, in cooperation with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, as a member of the Enterprise Europe Network, are organizing a Seminar aiming at strengthening the knowledge of employees on the legislative framework already in place for hazardous chemicals and products containing dangerous chemicals. Such products are: detergents, detergents, plant protection products, disinfectants, biocides, paints, solvents, maintenance of machinery and vehicles, liquid and gaseous fuels,

Due to the dangers involved, they must be properly packaged, properly labeled and accompanied by Safety Data Sheets to ensure that employers and workers receive the appropriate precautions and be informed of safe methods of use. .

In particular, the seminar will focus on checking the compliance with the provisions of the European CLP Regulation on the Classification, Labeling and Packaging of Chemicals and Mixtures, the provisions of the European REACH Regulation regarding the obligations for the Safety Data Sheets, and providing appropriate information and examples of good practices for risk prevention.

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Department of Labour Inspection
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