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European Platform for professionals in Occupational Hygiene

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Occupational hygienists are specialized professionals who are constantly working to improve and protect worker health and well being. Managing the exposure to dangerous substances is our second nature.
The objective of this platform is to:
- Promote the harmonization of OH related methods, standards, guidelines.
- Serve as a contact point and discussion partner for EU staff / institutions
- Contribute to schemes of training, qualification or certification in OH in the context of a common EU regulation
- Exchange of OH knowledge and practical field experiences,
- Strengthening of communication and collaboration between the different European associations
- Create more visibility of OH as a profession at European level
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The “EU OH Platform” aims to bring together Occupational Hygiene professionals who will make a positive contribution to the campaign. Currently, our organizations are already working closely with the national focus points and specific seminars on hazardous substances will be organized via the platform (eg workshop risk assessments, exposure assessments, etc.)
European Platform for professionals in Occupational Hygiene
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