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Mission Statement
CEMBUREAU, European Cement Association based in Brussels, is the representative organisation of the cement industry in Europe. Our primary audience are both European policymakers and relevant stakeholders. In this regard, we communicate the industry’s views on all technical, environmental, energy, occupational health and safety, and downstream issues and policy developments. As outlined in our 2050 Roadmap, the cement sector aims to achieve carbon neutrality along our full value chain – clinker, cement, concrete, construction, and (re)carbonation – otherwise known as our 5C approach. This can be done through a combination of industrial and political action, involving the whole workforce across the supply chain.The cement industry commits to high standards of health and safety for its workers and in the neighbourhoods around its factories. The industry is committed to 'Zero Harm' amongst its workers and contractors with continuous improvement of health and safety practices, behaviours and processes towards a healthy and safe working culture. The collection of safety key performance indicators (KPIs) and sharing of best practice is part of this process.
Our campaign pledge
Our plan is to raise awareness and create dialogue between our Members and other EU partners on this crucial work-related issue that affect many workers across Europe. We will do this by sharing best practices and guidance, and demonstrating what the cement industry is doing to protect the health and safety of its workers. Adapting to the workplace changes, today more than ever, for the protection of workers and their well-being facing new risks emergencies and working together to find appropriate common preventive solutions to lighten loads.
Chief Executive
Worker’s health and safety is the number one priority for the cement industry. Our workers are our lifeblood, and their well-being, within a healthy work environment, is key to the industry’s success. Therefore, we are pleased to be an Official Partner of the Campaign for 'Healthy Workplaces: Lighten the Load 2020-22’. We care passionately about this issue, and see the campaign as a valuable opportunity in which to raise awareness, share guidance and good practices with other key stakeholders in Europe. Together, let’s lighten the load!
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