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CEFIC - European Chemical Industry Council

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Mission Statement
It is Cefic’s mission to serve the members (and the European chemical industry) by:
• adding value as a collective compared to individual companies’ activities;
• engaging, representing and advocating in a focused and effective manner on behalf of the members (and of the industry) to create the right support and policy frameworks for the chemical industry in Europe and beyond;
• generating and aggregating scientific knowledge that fosters the goals of the Association in critical areas;
• offering needs-oriented services for our members.
Our campaign pledge
Safety is the number one priority for the European Chemical industry. There is no sustainable business without safe operations. It is imperative that we are consciously aiming to reach excellence in our safety practice. Cefic has long supported and contributed to the ongoing improvement of worker safety issues through a combination of voluntary initiatives and specific action programs. We are proud to be active partners of EU OSHA’S Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign to help raise awareness of the importance of preventing risks from dangerous substances through our sector knowledge. We aim to build bridges of information to help develop stronger safety practices within the young and less experienced, as well as those workers at greatest risk. We will contribute to this campaign in close collaboration with our network of corporate members, national members and the EU-OSHA, all with the intention to increase access to information on the importance of safe management of chemicals, both at national and European level.
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Director General
The safety of workers is a priority for the chemical industry. It is in our DNA and at the core of our operations starting at research and development, all the way through to the use of chemical products. Cefic, and on behalf of our members, is in a unique position to share best practices and help improve knowledge of how to best handle dangerous substances and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. We are proud to be part of the EU OSHA’s Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign, and join forces in helping to improve the worker well-being.
Main Contacts
Van de Broeck STEVEN
Head of Safety
+32 26767211

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CEFIC - European Chemical Industry Council
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